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Previous Events 2009


Previous Events 2009

June 10-12 - Atlanta.
Thank you for all your support! - Great show Donna

July 15-17 - Miami
Thanks to all our shoppers and friends! Great event. Thanks for all your help Jennifer

July 23-25 New Jersey
Jack and Jill (Nat'l). Thank you to ALL our shoppers from near and far. We had 3 fun days getting to meet you all. We will see you for your cluster events. Again, great team support, love you guys.

August 6 - Martha's Vineyard
Wow! Can we say party!! Great Venue, awesome people and a succesful event! Thank you Michelle and Vera for hosting. My helpers, friends and creative geniuses behind the scenes - Lynda, Breea and Aliya - Thank you all.

August 26 - New York
BOMA - Thank you all. Much love to Lois, we missed you. Great people and awesome venue.

December 4, 5 & 6 2009
Holiday Boutique Benefit 2009 Woman's Club of Englewood of New Jersey

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